"Enterprise eCommerce solution at a small business price"

Major Benefits

  • Shipping to over 150 countries
  • Localized single page checkout experience
  • Extremely aggressive Int. shipping rates and duties and taxes calculations
  • GlobalShopEx takes on full risk of fraud and chargbacks
  • Fully integrated solution that enables merchants to sell worldwide without any risk
Click to view Volusion to Globalshopex Operating Operating Instructions
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GlobalShopex has partnered with Cazoomi to bring International order fulfillment to Volusion!

We provide a fully integrated solution without any risk for retailers. Our international checkout and shipping solution can be accessed with our easy plug in, as we enable you to accept international orders from over 200 countries. You'll be set up to process the international orders no differently than you would a USA order.

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How to Integrate your GlobalShopex Cart using the Volusion platform

  • 1. Go to your Volusion dashboard to design your site content.
  • 2. Fill in the form in article 101 and save your changes to continue.
  • 3. Click on the image "Secure Checkout International" to send the products to GlobalShopex.
  • 4. Your products will transfer to the International Shopping Cart and Globalshopex will proceed to process the order.