"Acquire emails with a Perkville reward program and then market to them with Constant Contact"

Major Benefits

  • Sync customer lists and contacts to Constant Contact
  • Drive your Constant Contact campaigns from customer lists
  • Manage opted-out contacts and customers from Constant Contact
  • Create Drip marketing campaigns for your Loyal customers

Stay more connected to your customers using Perkville to Constant Contact

  • Track the total number of subscribers to your newsletters
  • Track progress on your most recent email campaigns
  • Keep track of your contacts and fans with a few touches
  • Perkville contact and customer details synced to Constant Contact

Perkville has partnered with Cazoomi to deliver a new way to sync your Constant Contact for optimal targeted marketing!

We provide a fully integrated solution for Perkville to Constant Contact with automatic syncing of contact and customer data. Give your small business an edge with Perkville and leave the automatic syncing to Cazoomi.

"What Is Perkville?"

Perkville to Constant Contact

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