"Engage your prospects, clients and partners in real-time with Act-On for Zoho CRM"

Major Benefits

  • Sync contacts/leads in Zoho CRM Campaigns to Act-On
  • Drive your Act-On campaigns from Zoho CRM contacts/leads
  • Manage opted-out contacts/leads in Zoho CRM from Act-On
  • Sync Campaign Responses to Zoho CRM from Act-On
  • Enable lead nurturing and lead scoring with Act-On to Zoho CRM
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Stay more connected than ever using Act-On to Zoho CRM

  • Track the total number of subscribers to your newsletters
  • Track progress on your most recent email campaigns
  • Keep track of your contacts and fans with a few touches
  • Zoho CRM contact and lead details synced to Act-On
  • Never have to manually true up your contacts again!

Act-On has partnered with Cazoomi to deliver a new way to sync Zoho CRM for optimal targeted marketing!

We provide a fully integrated solution for Act-On to Zoho CRM with captured lead scoring, contact and lead data, to Zoho CRM from Act-On. Give your small business an edge with Act-On.

"What Is Act-On?"

Act-On to Zoho CRM in action!

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